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Android fans like the Nexus phones because they’re supposedly more of a pure Android experience, rather than an OS tailored to phone manufacturers’ wants. The Galaxy Nexus also has a large high-resolution display, a dual-core processor and near-field communication, which enables the user to store his or her credit card information on the phone to use it for payments. But when the time came, Apple surprised many people by introducing an upgraded version of its previous model — the iPhone 4S. The design was the same but the update included an 8-megapixel camera, a dual-core processor and improved graphics processing. Bajarin, Tim. “Why Your Smartphone Will Be Your Next PC.” Time. Wile, Rob. “Citi: These 10 Technologies Will Utterly Transform the World.” Business Insider. Best for creating business plans using infographics, reports, and data visualization ($19 per month). Any application that can automate processes, eliminate errors, collect data, and increase the efficiency of a company can be qualified as business management software. Riley, Theresa. “How Social Media is Replacing Traditional Journalism for Breaking News.” Moyers and Company. Fowlkes, Jasmine. “Viewpoint: Why social media is destroying our social skills.” USA Today. It was built like a tank and weighed more by itself than some laptops do today.

Gaudin, Sharon. “Americans spend more than 16 minutes of every hour online on social nets.” ComputerWorld. White, Thomas. “Why Social Media Isn’t Social.” Huffington Post. Even serious news sites have blogs and social media accounts that link back to their articles. Schmid, Randolph E. “You never write any more; well, hardly anyone does.” NBC News. Francis, Enjoli. “Self-Checkout Gets Extra Set of Eyes With Video Software.” ABC News. Mahalo gets the money to pay guides from investors. You can pay your bills all at once from a single financial institution’s website. You can even pay for print postage from an online site for any physical items you do have to send through the mail and just drop them off at the post office or hand them to your mail carrier. Missed deadlines and improper tax filings can result in steep fines and even jail time. Time Magazine, “Great Inventions – Geniuses and Gizmos: Innovations in Our Time.” Time Books: New York. Android fans discussed Samsung’s new phone for some time before its release, but the gadget on the next page caught many people off guard upon its release. But other Android tablets have seen some success as well. But these potential biggies need organization and a systematic approach as well.

Meanwhile, HP, BlackBerry and other devices expected to do well sold poorly. Ever since Apple released its iPad tablet, tech wonks began speculating on when competitors such as Google and BlackBerry would release devices to compete. On July 1, 2011, HP released the TouchPad, a webOS-powered tablet computer. As if Amazon’s slate of new electronic readers wasn’t enough by itself, Amazon thrilled the tech world by releasing its first tablet computer in 2011, the Kindle Fire. EdX offers 29 high school courses like AP biology, AP computer science, AP language and composition, and introductory classes in computer science and psychology. Text-Em-All offers transparent pricing – and even offers the ability to calculate costs using a handy cost calculator on their site. Project teams can collaborate using bulletin boards, team messaging and shared files. Anything. For example, a professional basketball team used Domo to create a seat visualization chart to track revenue, sales, and attendance metrics.

Automate the way leads are distributed and systematize how your team approaches different engagement scenarios to improve conversion rates. Analytics can identify efficiencies, while duplicate detection keeps the database clean with minimal work by the team. Video conferencing at work is more and more common. One common suggestion is to dress for the job you want to have, not the one you already have. An application you ask them to fill out includes the information you want to have. If you are looking for free TV series and movies, you should check out 123 movies, shout factory, Squid TV, and Airtel Xstream, as they provide TV content free of charge. Gadget mania has taken over people of all ages looking to find that new digital toy. Some believe that the Fire will take over a large share of the Android tablet market. Fire’s OS is a more customized version of Android. You’d activate your Foursquare app, which taps into your Android phone’s GPS receiver to get an idea about where you are. But even as cluttered as store shelves get with hot electronic gadgetry, there are always a few that really drive the marketplace.

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